Class KeyRing

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public class KeyRing
extends Crypto
implements KeySource

This implementation of the KeySource interface stores keys in a hash-table. It can be converted to and from a CDS for storage.

A database key-source would be more appropriate for large collections of keys, but hasn't been written yet. An interface to a key-server would be more appropriate for really huge key collections but will have to wait even longer.

The CDS for a KeyRing object is KeyRing(k1,k2,...,kn) with n>=0 and each ki the CDS for a KeyRecord or Key object.

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See Also:
Key, KeyRecord

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Constructor Summary
          Create empty key ring.
Method Summary
 KeyRecord byFingerprint(Fingerprint fingerprint)
          Retrieve the key with the given fingerprint.
 void insert(Key k)
          Insert the Key k into the KeyRing.
 void insert(KeyRecord kc)
          Insert the KeyRecord k into the KeyRing.
static KeyRing parseCDS(java.lang.String[] param)
          Used by Crypto.fromString when parsing a CDS.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Return a CDS for this KeyRing.
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Constructor Detail


public KeyRing()
Create empty key ring.
Method Detail


public static KeyRing parseCDS(java.lang.String[] param)
                        throws InvalidCDSException
Used by Crypto.fromString when parsing a CDS.

A valid CDS can be created by calling the toString() method.

InvalidCDSException - if the CDS is malformed.
See Also:


public java.lang.String toString()
Return a CDS for this KeyRing.
toString in class java.lang.Object


public void insert(Key k)
Insert the Key k into the KeyRing. It will be wrapped in a KeyRecord containing empty strings and no certificates.


public void insert(KeyRecord kc)
Insert the KeyRecord k into the KeyRing.


public KeyRecord byFingerprint(Fingerprint fingerprint)
Retrieve the key with the given fingerprint. If it is not found in the key-source, null is returned. fingerprint must be created with the same algorithm as the the Key object uses, which will be SHA1 for the Key classes included with Crypto.
Specified by:
byFingerprint in interface KeySource

Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Logi Ragnarsson - Distributed under the GPL