org.logi.crypto Basic control and exception classes.
org.logi.crypto.demo Demonstration programs. I/O classes, some of which can encrypt, decrypt, sign, hash or verify data as it passes through.
org.logi.crypto.keys Implementations of particular key-types and ciphers.
org.logi.crypto.modes Block-cipher modes such as ECB, CBC, OFB and CFB.
org.logi.crypto.padding Cipher padding schemes for ensuring that plaintext fits into a whole multiple of plaintext blocks.
org.logi.crypto.protocols Cryptographic protocols such as authentication, key-exchange and key-agreement.
org.logi.crypto.random Random number generation.
org.logi.crypto.secretshare Splitting secrets into a number of parts and re-combinging the parts to retrieve the secret.
org.logi.crypto.sign Hashing data and holding fingerprints, signatures and blind signatures.
org.logi.crypto.test Tests of the implementations in the library.


Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Logi Ragnarsson - Distributed under the GPL