Class KeyPair


public class KeyPair
extends Crypto

This class is a simple holder for a pair of public/private keys. Some encryption algorithms only use a single key, in which case the public and private fields of a KeyPair may reference the same object. Either the public or private fields may be null if the corresponding key is unknown.

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Constructor Summary
KeyPair(Key pub, Key pri)
          Create a new KeyPair holder.
Method Summary
 Key getPrivate()
          Return the private key from the pair.
 Key getPublic()
          Return the public key from the pair.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Return a CDS for this key-pair.
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Constructor Detail


public KeyPair(Key pub,
               Key pri)
Create a new KeyPair holder.
Method Detail


public Key getPublic()
Return the public key from the pair.


public Key getPrivate()
Return the private key from the pair.


public java.lang.String toString()
Return a CDS for this key-pair.
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