Package org.logi.crypto.test

Class Summary
BitBucket Anything written to instances of this class is counted and discarded.
hash Compute a hash of the data on standard in and write it to standard out.
TestCDS Parse the CDS from the command line and print out the object it represents or an error mesage.
TestCliSer This application tests multiple client threads connecting to a server thread, using key-exchange and encryption in OFB mode.
TestDrain Tests the DecryptStream.drain() method.
TestIterate This application runs all the different tests.
TestKey This application tests the various Key classes.
TestMode This application tests the various encryption-mode classes.
TestRandom This application tests the various random number generation classes.
TestSign This application passes everything on standard input to a SignStream and then on through a VerifyStream and onto standard output.

Copyright 1997-2000 Logi Ragnarsson